The company has 25 tipper vehicles, ideal for the transport of any goods in bulk. These vehicles are classified as hermetic semi-trailers, agile in loading and unloading and suitable for loading all kinds of cereal and other bulkier sub-products.
At this time, the bulk of the company’s transport, in terms of tippers, is any type of cereal for human consumption (sunflower seeds, wheat flour, etc.) as well as for the agricultural industry (barley, corn, oilseeds such as soybeans and derivatives, and by-products such as sunflower meal, gluten, grape seeds, rapeseed, etc.).


Bulk Dump
Shafts: 3 Width: 2,40 m.
Maximum load: 28.000 kg. Volume: 60 m³
Internal height: 2,20 m. Length: 11,30 m.
Maximum height: 3,80 m. Fixed side: