All of the company’s vehicles have GPS tracking, which provides permanent contact with the driver and facilitates rapid localisation of any destination.

At this time, 100% of the company’s fleet meets Euro6 European standards, in other words, minimising CO2 emissions to the environment.

All vehicles are also fitted with differential lock, anti-skid sensors and other driving aids so that the vehicle can reach any location despite possible bad weather or other incidents on the journey.

Preventive maintenance of Giribet group’s fleet:

All vehicles have a maintenance and repair contract with the relevant dealer by brand, which ensures maximum performance and safety. All of this avoids avoid unnecessary breakdowns and malfunctions of engines, which may cause uncontrolled leakage of polluting gases.



Transmogirs has a fleet of 18 vehicles with different types of tonnages to adapt to any farm, taking the different measurements and types into account.
The company currently has three types of feed containers:

  • Trailer with net capacity of 27 tonnes.
  • Four-axle, 20-tonne container:
  • Three-axle, 15-tonne container: 


Some of the vehicles in the fleet are fitted with a “self-loading” system to remove surplus feed from silos and from warehouses.


The company’s fleet has different and highly versatile vehicles with mobile floors to suit different types of loads. This offers an ideal solution for bulk of all kinds, palletised in general and also for the iron and steel industry.


Flat Mobile
Shafts: 3 Width: 2,48 m.
Maximum load: 27.000 kg. Volume: 80 m³
Internal height: 2,50 m. Length: 13,50 m.
Maximum height: 3,90 m. Lateral fix:

The company has 25 tipper vehicles, ideal for the transport of any goods in bulk. These vehicles are classified as hermetic semi-trailers, agile in loading and unloading and suitable for loading all kinds of cereal and other bulkier sub-products.
At this time, the bulk of the company’s transport, in terms of tippers, is any type of cereal for human consumption (sunflower seeds, wheat flour, etc.) as well as for the agricultural industry (barley, corn, oilseeds such as soybeans and derivatives, and by-products such as sunflower meal, gluten, grape seeds, rapeseed, etc.).


Bulk Dump
Shafts: 3 Width: 2,40 m.
Maximum load: 28.000 kg. Volume: 60 m³
Internal height: 2,20 m. Length: 11,30 m.
Maximum height: 3,80 m. Fixed side: