The transport services offered by AT Giribets 2000 are:

  • Transport service in Spain and abroad for large tonnage of all kinds of goods.
  • Collection and delivery anywhere in Europe.
  • GPS fleet localisation in real time.
  • For any type of load.

The company specialises in daily deliveries to Central and/or Southern France from Catalonia. It also has a large weekly flow of cargo transport to Northern Italy. Although the company’s market covers all of France, Italy and Spain.

The main sectors of AT GIRIBETS 2000 are food, agricultural products and iron and steel. However, the company also works in other sectors to a greater or lesser extent.


  • International freight, generally a full load.
  • International transport of bulk products at full load.
  • Storage bridge between destinations.
  • The company has 1,000 m2 of warehouse with loading docks.