AT GIRIBETS 2000 business activities began in 1951, with Josep Giribet Santaularia and his wife Shirley Jordana Vilaró, owners and founders of the group, as manufacturers of carbonated and alcoholic beverages. This activity ceased in 1970, giving way to the company Piegi, S.L., manufacturing compound and livestock feed.

After a few years, in 1977, a new company was created in the group, in partnership with Josep María Molló Torra, dedicated to bulk feed distribution for its own production and for third parties. In 1992 this company was incorporated as TRANSMOGIRS S.L.

In 1987, the founders’ son, Carles Giribet Jordana, took up the reins of the family group.

In 2000, Transmogirs, S.L. surpassed the figure of 500,000 tonnes of feed transported annually, achieved with a fleet of 18 feed container trucks.

In 2005, Josep Maria Molló Martí joined us, being the head of traffic in Transmogirs.

The Giribet group currently includes the following companies:

  • PIEGI, S.L.
  • A.T.GIRIBET’S 2000, S.L.